Walk is the story of a man who, wounded inside, walks through his life in drunkenness. Then comes the moment when he takes measure of life’s fragility and meets his death -toasting, in spite of everything, to being alive.

At NFB’s theater, Montreal 2009 and Cinema Le Reflet Médicis, Paris 2009.




Written and Directed by

Annie Molin Vasseur


Justin Béchard

Director of photography

Carlo Ghioni

Camera assistant

Richard Lapierre

Picture editor

Phyllis Lewis

Sound editor and supervision

Luc Mandeville

1st Assistant director

Maud Boisnard

Sound engineers

Dominique Chartrand & Paskal Perreault


Claudia Baillargeon


Amélie Deschamps

Sound effects

Alexis Farand

Digital editing consultant (NFB)

Pierre Dupont

Mix (NFB)

Geoffrey Mitchell & Luc Léger

Sound technician (NFB)

Mira Mailhot

Sound effects recording (NFB)

Luc Léger

On-line Editing

Ariane Pétel-Despots

Color correction

Sylvain Cossette

Song We live only once…

Gaston Lepage


Annie Molin Vasseur


Justin Béchard

English version

Margaux Ouimet

Set photographer

Yves Medam


Marie Bonnefoy & Maria Gonzalez


Annie Molin Vasseur

Thanks to ACIC (NFB, Montreal)


Gaston Lepage, Actor, was born in Quebec on February 24, l949. After completing his studies at the Conservatoire national des arts dramatiques of Montreal, he undertakes a very diversified career on stage, for television and in film.

He has acted in many TV dramas including La Petite Patrie, Le Gutenberg, À cause de mon Oncle, Don Quichotte, Les Brillant, Le Parc des Braves, Cormoran, Bouscotte and 450 Chemin du Golf. The great télé-théâtres on Radio-Canada and three TV series on TVA and Radio-Canada gave him the opportunity to meet important professional challenges such as La Cruche Cassée, Les Grands Esprits, Les Grands Procès, Lobby, Tribu, Hommes en quarantaine, Les Bougon, Rumeurs and Les Étoiles filantes.

He played in several theatre pieces, most notably, in Molière’s l’Avare (the title role at the C.N.T.), Le Temps d’une Vie by Rolland Lepage at the Trident, Des Frites des frites… in the Jean Duceppe Company, La Course au Mariage by Gilles Latulippe at the Théâtre des Variétés, La Noce by Robert Duparc, Le Tourniquet by Victor Lanoux at the C. N.T., Couple Ouvert by Dario Fo at the Théâtre du Quat’Sous, Les Fourberies de Scapin at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Ha ha… by Réjean Ducharme at the TNM as well, and in the Festival of the Americas, Le médecin malgré lui and Les précieuses ridicules at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, and Shakespeare’s Le marchand de Venise at the T.N.M (in the role of the relentless Shylock, for which he won the Gascon-Roux Prize).

His first role in film, in 79, contrary to what he had been asked to play until then, was a dramatic role, that of Samuel Parslow in Cordélia directed by Jean Beaudin. More than ten other film roles were to follow: Bazooka 22 in Le Château de Cartes, the title role in Jean-Claude Lauzon’s Piwi, Wilfrid in Kalamazoo by Marc-André Forcier, Claude Valois-Chouinard in Gaspard & Fils by François Labonté. He also played in Denys Arcand’s successful Jésus de Montréal, and was directed again by Jean Beaudin in Being at home with Claude. In the summer of 93, he went to Brazil to shoot with director François Labonté in Les Enfants du Silence. In 96, Denys Arcand calls on him once again, this time to play the principal role in Joyeux Calvaire. Marc-André Forcier offers him a super role as a character actor in La comtesse de Baton Rouge. In 2004, he plays in Les États-Unis d’Albert by the same director. Then, he is directed by Luc Dionne in Aurore, and plays a psychopath in Robert Morin’s Que Dieu bénisse l’Amérique. In 2007-2008, he was in several films, one in English, Timekeeper by Louis Bélanger and Je me souviens by André Forcier and Le Bonheur de Pierre by Robert Ménard. In the spring of 2009, he played in the TV series, Musée Eden directed by Alain Desrochers. With the same director, he has just finished shooting Cabotin (working title), a feature-length fiction film to be released in 2010. Gaston Lepage has acted in about 15 short fictions by emerging directors such as Patrick Boivin, Maxime Rheault and Annie Molin Vasseur. He had also a parallel career as a TV Host since 1982. He has hosted seven variety shows, -daily shows at TVA, TQS, and Radio-Canada, -and weekly shows at Radio-Québec, Télé-Métropole and Canal D. In total, about 4000 hours as a TV host for, among others: Un monde en folie (2 years), Tout un monde (1 year), N’ajustez pas votre appareil (1 year), Mimémo (2 years), L’aventure (1 year), Québec Nature (1 year), Relevez le défi (2 years), Les trois Mousquetaires (5 years), Danger dans les airs and Mayday (a series of 60 shows to date). In the same category, we include his participation as the judge in the popular show, Dieu merci. Gaston Lepage is one of the founders and players of the Ligue nationale d’Improvisation. He participates in the competitive improvisations since 1977 and has been a part of the European tours that the troupe has undertaken. In May of 1993, he directed, with Jean-Claude Lauzon, a series of commercials for Air Canada, Hello Good Bye, in France and in England. He also directed and produced, in 2003, a one-hour docu-reportage, Au ciel, Ô ciel, in which he shares with other aviators his passion for flying over Quebec.

Carlito Ghioni, DOP/Cameraman, is of Italian origin and has traveled throughout Europe, Africa and America. He has directed documentaries: Disjonction, Steel Calling, Roba de nenes… and short fictions : Tir au but, Cavallino, and Portes ouvertes… He is presently finishing the writing of two feature film screen plays. As an experienced camera operator (Steadicam, Motion control), he knows how to ally technical competence with creativity. He teaches screen writing on a regular basis, in Turino. A must-know about Carlito: he is a complete soccer fanatic!

Justin Béchard is a young musician who composes for recordings and for films like L’agneau by Pierre Chaput, Solitude by Natasha Paris, Hop On Blue and Walk by Annie Molin Vasseur. As a teenager, he was attracted to music composition and writing which soon became his passions. He began his musical research and experimentation accompanied by his guitar, his greatest musical ally to this day. Integrity is his motto and he only involves himself in those projects that stimulate and surprise him.

Maud Boisnard, First Assistant Director, studied in Theatre and in Film, in France. As a student, she worked in various capacities including as a jury member in several film festivals such as: La Biennale du cinéma japonais à Orléans (1992 and 1994) and the Festival international de Carthage, in Tunisia (1992). She came to live in Quebec in 2007 where she has since been working with independent directors. She did Continuity for several short fiction films like L’agneau by Pierre Chaput, Compulsion by Natasha Paris, and Annie Molin Vasseur’s Entre deux mondes. On Walk and Hop On Blue, she worked as First AD. She has also collaborated on various French language projects: Tir au but by Carlo Ghioni, Le chalet, in collaboration with Claudia Baillargeon. She is presently in post-production on her Être à la hauteur, a short fiction she wrote and directed.

Phyllis Lewis, Picture Editor, has worked in film and video production for over 15 years. She began as an assistant editor at the National Film Board of Canada in 1995 developing her skills and collaborating on many award-winning projects, including the 2007 Oscar-winning short film, The Danish Poet, by Torill Kove.

She teaches digital editing at the Segal Centre of Performing Arts and is the Coordinator and video facilitator for Next-Gen NDG, a youth media program with local community organization, Head and Hands

Luc Mandeville, Sound editor/Supervisor, began working in postproduction for film and television, in 1990. Since 2000, he has supervised the post-production and created the soundscapes for TV series such as Les Bougon: c’est aussi ça la vie, Le dernier Chapitre and René Lévesque for which his post-production sound teams were nominated for Gémeaux for Best Sound. A Golden Reel Award was granted by the MPSE for Best Sound Editing to the TV movie, Crusoe broadcast on NBC, in 2008. Also, he has collaborated on several feature films such as: Rêves de poussière by Laurent Salgues, La Brunante by Fernand Dansereau and La Rivière aux Castors, as well as various documentaries and short fictions including Et la musique by Michel Lam.

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