. Docu-fiction film in post-production

  . 80 minutes

  . Directed by Annie Molin Vasseur, collaboration Alisi Telengut

  . Music: Georges Forget

  . Camera: Christian Rivera (Mongolie), Manuel Codina (France) and Bruno Desrosiers (Québec)

  . Sound: Anthony Salvo (Mongolie/France), Sandra Lefebvre (Québec)

  . Production: Annie Molin Vasseur, Gaëlle Goulet Bourdon (Mongolia assistant)

  . Editing: Annie Molin Vasseur & Pierre Ducrocq


The film is in production/editing (Shoots made in Mongolia in June 2017, in France in September 2017 and in Canada in July 2021).


Alice questions her grandmother, Mamita, who raised her, about her mother’s disappearance when she was four.

This film is about personal memory, conscious and unconscious, via the collective memory of the countries crossed, but above all of “epigenetics”, of what is transmitted in memory through several generations and that Alice will have to discover in order to understand herself, and inhabit her existence.

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