AMV PRODUCTION, founded in 2009 by Annie Molin Vasseur became AMV FILMS PRODUCTION INC. in July of 2014.

Films produced by AMV FILMS PRODUCTION are distributed by AZ FILM DISTRIBUTION, Montreal, and by AMV DISTRIBUTION, Paris.



Since its inception, AMV FILMS PRODUCTION has been an extension of founder-director Annie Molin Vasseur’s unique vision, which has been shaped by her careers as a writer and a poet, as a contemporary art gallery curator (Galerie Aubes 3935, Montréal), and as an actor with The Living Theater, NY. To her work in film, she brings her extensive experience in these three artistic disciplines, connecting visual images, words and movement.

AMV FILMS PRODUCTION is a small company whose distinct mission is in line with the evolving cinematic tradition of poetic cinema. With a solid regard for technique, our principle focus is on content. Though AMV FILMS PRODUCTION does not define its work as totally experimental, each of our films is the culmination of free stylistic exploration. Our films reflect the humanistic vision of the beginnings of cinema, when the new medium recorded life as a form of poetry.

Our company relies on a small crew working intimately together and with a diversity of actors, and our approach to fiction often favours the docu-fiction genre. Since 2017, we have had the privilege to work with the acclaimed artist Alisi Telengut as collaborator of Alice au pays de la mémoire / Alice in Memoryland. Alisi brings her personal poetic energy and style to this film, which is currently in production.



Thank you to the core crew of our current productions: Manuel Codina, Anthony Salvo, Georges Forget and Pierre Ducrocq, to Jean-Michel Molin for his support and to Margaux Ouimet for her collaborations over time. As well as the Quebec film crew in July 2021.


Starting in 2008-2009, three short fiction films were produced, making up the trilogy Au bleu du ciel/Blue Like Sky. Shot in 2010, the feature-length drama La voix de l’ombre/The Voice of the Shadow was released theatrically in 2013 (CNC Paris exploitation visa # 139.316). These films were presented in cinemas in France and in Canada, and are currently available on DVD and in streaming. For international distribution of La voix de l’ombre outside of France, please address requests to AZ FILM DISTIBUTION, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Currently, we have in development the feature-length drama Je m’appelle Mélodie/My Name Is Melody and in production, the feature-length docu-fiction Alice au pays de la mémoire / Alice in Memoryland, under editing.


Producer, director and screenwriter, Annie Molin Vasseur was born in France and emigrated to Canada in 1981. After working as an actor with the Living Theater in New York, Annie devoted herself to the visual arts milieu in Quebec. She founded Galerie Aubes 3935 and co-founded the Association of contemporary art galleries of Montreal, as well as the magazine Etc Montréal. 

Annie Molin Vasseur continued to write, publishing journalistic articles and ten books (novels, poetry, short stories). In 2006, upon graduating in screen writing from INIS (National Institute College of Image and Sound) in Montreal, she directed and produced three short dramas and a feature fiction film La voix de l’Ombre / The Voice of the Shadow distributed in France and in Quebec by AZ Films in 2013.

Molin Vasseur continues to pursue two parallel careers, one as a writer and one as a filmmaker. Her most recent collection of poems, Difficile de défaire la couleur was published in March of 2017 by Les Écrits des Forges.

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