VINCENT FAFARD (voice over)

Between Two Worlds draws us into the life of Cyril, a 15 year-old sleepwalker who is faced with a life passage: he must chose to be himself and let his sister, Clémentine, live her life so that he can be free to become an adult.

At NFB’s theater, Montreal 2009 and Cinema Le Reflet Médicis, Paris 2009, and RVCQ, Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, 2010, and Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski, 2010.




Written and Directed by

Annie Molin Vasseur


David Running

Director of Photography

Tobie Marier Robitaille

2nd Unit Camera

Philippe Vasseur

Picture Editing Consultant

Phyllis Lewis

Picture Editing

Carlo Ghioni & Maud Boisnard

Sound Editing and Supervision

Luc Mandeville

1st Assistant Director

Carlo Ghioni

1st Assistant Camera

Chantal Vary

2nd Assistant Camera

Olivier Biron

Camera Assistant Intern

Richard Lapierre

Sound Engineer

Olivier Léger


Michel Paul Bélisle

Lighting technician

Raphaël Monteillard

Dolly Operator

Éric Bélanger


Maud Boisnard

Artistic Consultant

Pierre Chaput

Make-up Artist

Audrey Bitton

Production Manager

Margaux Ouimet

Sound Effects

Alexis Farand

Digital editing consultant (NFB)

Pierre Dupont

Mix (NFB)

Geoffrey Mitchell & Luc Léger

Sound technician (NFB)

Mira Mailhot

Sound effects recording (NFB)

Luc Léger

On-line Editing

Ariane Pétel-Despots

Colour correction

Sylvain Cossette

Song I Wait for You

David Running

Words and music

David Running

Song The World Is Not All Nice

David Running

David D’Amours-Fortier


Annie Molin Vasseur


David Running


Agnès Falquet

TV Images

Carlo Ghioni

English Version

Margaux Ouimet & Hamid Hoveyda

Set Photographer

Yves Medam


Marie Bonnefoy


Annie Molin Vasseur

Thanks to ACIC (NFB, Montreal)


Mylène Savoie is a self-taught Actor who began her career in amateur theatre and soon established herself firmly as a television actor (Minuit le soir, Providence, Les Boys, La Promesse….) and as a film actor (Down to the Dirt, Entre deux mondes, Fatal Bazooka…). For the simple pleasure of acting, she founded LAB’I [an Improvisation lab], an original form of theatrical improvisation that inspired other such labs as far away as Abitibi!

David D’Amours-Fortier, Actor. Born on June 25th, 1992, David studied at ACTE 1, in 2004, with Philippe Boutin and Brigitte Soucy. He has acted in several theatre pieces including La princesse sans cadeau in 2005, La petite boutique aux horreurs in 2006, and Ensorcelées, in 2008. For the cinema, he acted in Chloé Leriche’s Les Grands in 2006. He plays his first principal role as Cyril in Between Two Worlds. He has also played in TV series such as Virginie (2007-2009).

Tobie Marier Robitaille, DOP. After a college degree in Film, instead of taking the usual road to university, Tobie Marier Robitaille chooses an apprenticeship that suits him personally. Self-taught, he learns through his readings, his meetings with filmmakers and his experiences. He participates in several important projects: one-off documentaries, documentary series (Urbania, Montréal en 12 lieux…), commercials and fiction films (Portes ouvertes, Tir au but…). His passion is working with light which he shapes in an intuitive way. Tobie has finished the shooting of his first feature-length fiction film.

David Running is a musician. He was born in Quebec city of Irish-French origins. He now lives in the Eastern Townships in the province of Québec. David is a song-writer and artist. Most of his songs are written in english, although recently he has added a handful of french compositions to his repertoire. Annie Molin Vasseur has collaborated on written some of the lyrics.  His writing explores cheery universal themes such as the communion of souls, loss and death.

Carlito Ghioni, First Assistant Director, is of Italian origin and has traveled throughout Europe, Africa and America. He has directed documentaries: Disjonction, Steel Calling, Roba de nenes… and short fictions : Tir au but, Cavallino, and Portes ouvertes… He is presently finishing the writing of two feature film screen plays. As an experienced camera operator (Steadicam, Motion control), he knows how to ally technical competence with creativity. He teaches screen writing on a regular basis, in Turino. A must-know about Carlito: he is a complete soccer fanatic!

Margaux Ouimet, Production Manager. She has been working in film production for over twenty years, mostly in documentary. Born in Montreal, she began her career at the National Film Board of Canada where she was a producer and director for ten years. At the NFB, she directed a short fiction, The Sky’s The Limit, and co-directed two award winning documentaries about women with disabilities and work, Le Vent dans les voiles and The Impossible Takes A Little Longer. For more than a decade, Margaux Ouimet has been working in the private industry, often in co-production with the NFB. In 1999 and 2000, she initiated and production managed Pareil pas Pareil, a 13-part TV series about people with disabilities produced by Pixcom and broadcast for two seasons by Radio-Canada television. In 1999 as well, The Road from Kampuchea, produced by Margaux Ouimet, won Best Political Documentary and the VisionTV Humanitarian Award at Hot Docs International Festival. In 2003, La Cueca Sola, co-written and co-produced by Margaux Ouimet, won Best Canadian Documentary (medium length) at Hot Docs International Festival, and several other awards in European and Latin-American festivals.

Phyllis Lewis, Picture Editor, has worked in film and video production for over 15 years. She began as an assistant editor at the National Film Board of Canada in 1995 developing her skills and collaborating on many award-winning projects, including the 2007 Oscar-winning short film, The Danish Poet, by Torill Kove. She teaches digital editing at the Segal Centre of Performing Arts and is the Coordinator and video facilitator for Next-Gen NDG, a youth media program with local community organization, Head and Hands

Luc Mandeville, Editor/Supervisor, began working in postproduction for film and television, in 1990. Since 2000, he has supervised the post-production and created the soundscapes for TV series such as Les Bougon: c’est aussi ça la vie, Le dernier Chapitre and René Lévesque for which his post-production sound teams were nominated for Gémeaux for Best Sound. A Golden Reel Award was granted by the MPSE for Best Sound Editing to the TV movie, Crusoe broadcast on NBC, in 2008. Also, he has collaborated on several feature films such as: Rêves de poussière by Laurent Salgues, La Brunante by Fernand Dansereau and La Rivière aux Castors, as well as various documentaries and short fictions including Et la musique by Michel Lam.

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